Duncan:- Life at present


This is still a very early start to my web site but I thought I would update to what I am working on.

For those interested The skeleton above in the Naracoote caves which I remember sitting watching David Attenbourogh when they were first on BBC TV in 1989/90 and is a meat eating Kangaroo. When I saw that program I remember vividly saying to Penny and Adrian that I would never see it but wouldn’t it be great. I ended up there by pure chance as we were getting travelled out on the great Ocean road and fancied a break when we saw the sign on the side of the road for the caves and decided to take a break not knowing the link to my past existed......how cool was that.

I went to Canada in 2009 to set up a Canadian Company for doing Property Development and rental accommodation. That company now exists  and belongs to Rick.  The capital to return figures are stunning when compared to the UK the total investment is lower than the cheapest of my existing properties and the return exceeds the combined income of all three of my rentals The Economy in Canada did not appear to be hit in any way the same as the USA or UK. It transpires that the Canadian banking system retained it’s regulations when the UK and USA became deregulated.

Currently all the properties at Little Tythecott that I own are to be rented out. The next stage is to add to the portfolio and change the ratio of capital to rental figures. Then to reevaluate options and make plans for the future and stop hanging around. I am hopeful that I will acquire the first new property in Stockport soon and get it rented out at half the capital outlay of the cheapest property I own in Devon but with a return higher that all but the most expensive.

During May 2011 I received an email with interest which might lead to a relocation project management position. on investigating the company concerned I was fired up by the potential to get involved in international projects again so fingers crossed.

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

If you would like to see some of the shots from Australia have a look at the My Albums  page.